Letter, Stage 1. Clay Modeling (NSP clay or Water based grey clay)
Stage 2. Separating parts of the body for easy Molding and casting. Material used: plaster
Stage 3. Creating armature with soft aluminium twisted wire for better strength. Tracing over the plaster cast for accuracy.
Stage 4. Pouring Foam with arranging armature inside. Giving bone structure to the character foam body.
Stage 5. After few hours, open up the plaster cast and remove foam body, cleaning and coloring with acrelic paints.
Stage 6. Completing fabrication, make some outfits, and he is sitting right there waiting for animator's call !

A short stop motion animation exercise with Prof Jeremy Moorshead
Synopsis  .  This short is inspired by a song "Paris" by Dido
responsible for Concept, design, clay models, molding, casting, lighting and animation
tools used  .  Clay, armature wire, flexi foam, plaster of paris, lights and digital camera
year 2012  .  Produced at Savannah College of Art and Design